About us


About us

Premier RE Investments, Inc. may sound like a fancy-shmancy company, but we’re family owned and run.  We work hard day in and day out and like many of you, we often find ourselves stuck in paperwork into the wee hours of the morning.  When we do get a break, however, we hightail it for the great outdoors.


LandSpot.org is our personal portal to find, help, and network with others who share our passion for land and land investment.  How do we do it?


Well, not all things should be about money and while one doesn't need to own their own land to enjoy the great outdoors, we find that recreation is all the more enhanced when that sense of ownership is added.  LandSpot.org is us following our passion and helping others to do the same.


We find the selfless land owners who share our values and love of land and only make offers that allow us to place these properties with those deserving, as opposed to only those with means.




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What may be an ownership afterthought or even a tax burden to you, could be a once in a lifetime, dream come true, land opportunity for one of our land enthusiasts.  Be the hero of your own story and submit your own property to LandSpot.org, where every deal is a win-win.

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